Comic Creator Conference (C3) Schedule


2:00 pm Opening Remarks, Martha Donato, Founder of C3
2:15 pm

Session 1a: Your Public Image

Speakers: Diana MacFarlane, Megan Beattie

Description: The world sees you in media. Learn the dos and don'ts of creating the perfect website with Diana MacFarlane of Red Rubber Media, and learn how a publicist works for you with Megan Beatie of MB Communications.

2:15 pm

Session 1b: Intro to TM and ©

Speaker: Michael Lovitz

Description: The basics of trademark and copyright as it relates to the creation of original art and art using other entities works. Focused on art creation, online portfolios and new IP.

3:05 pm

Session 2a: How Not to Die at the Drawing Board

Speakers: Dr. Mauricio Heilbron, Joe Pruett

Description: You're an artist! Okay, maybe a writer! It can get sedentary! Fully boarded general surgeon Dr. Mauricio Heilbron gives you tips on health issues for creatives, and Aftershock's Joe Pruett (yes, he had a stroke) tells you what to do when things get real.

3:05 pm

Session 2b: Resumes & Interviews & Portfolios

Speakers: Christopher Priest, Tom Raney

Description: He once did "Edited by Owz." Now Christopher Priest gives you the Do's and Dont's of making a first impression and not botching the second, while artist Tom Raney tells you about the two million portfolios he's seen and how to make yours stand out!

4:00 pm

Session 3a: 10 Things You Need to know about Booth Salesmanship

Speaker: David Gallaher

Description: David Gallaher has done a million conventions and sold his work at all of ’em! He gives you the tips and tricks you need to engage passers-by and sell your stuff!

4:00 pm

Session 3b: Jobs

Speaker: Brian Crosby

Description: Brian Crosby has been cover artist at Marvel and a creative director of themed entertainment at Disney. He talks about the kinds of jobs there are in comics and related fields, and why, yes, you have to apply through H.R. Find out the best ways to break into the industry!

5:00 pm

Session 4a: MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!

Speakers: Joe Davidson

Description: You're an artist, but you're also your own accounts receivable department. Learn the basics of freelancer billing—and the all-important collections process!—with Shannon O'Leary, Bookkeeper and Certified Tax Preparer, and find out everything you need to know about tax planning and income taxes with Enrolled Agent, Joe Davidson.

5:00 pm

Session 4b: Done, Not Perfect

Speakers: Tom Raney, Christopher Priest

Description: Time and project management 101: tips on how to get creative work done in time and up to snuff without having to stay up all night every night with artist Tom Raney, and longtime writer/editor Christopher Priest.

5:55 pm

Session 5a: Contract Negotiation and IP Law

Speakers: Michael Lovitz

Description: Intellectual Property lawyer Michael Lovitz walks you through the ins-and-outs of negotiating your best deal, and how to hang on to your IP rights.

5:55 pm

Session 5b: Beyond Rendering: A look into digital coloring process that can land you your next job.

Speakers: David Baron

Description: Colorist David Baron talks about what you should concentrate on when coloring, and how to present that work. He gives examples of styles and strategies when presenting your work to editors, and gives advice on how to balance your deadlines and increase work flow. It's everything a digital colorist needs to know, minus the technical part!

6:45 pm

Networking Reception